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There are cockroaches living inside my Keurig coffee maker. They are no where else in our kitchen. We have cleaned out every cabinet and closet. Every thing in our pantry is enclosed in a sealed plastic bag or glass jar. So, there is something inside the coffee maker that attracts these bugs.

I called Keurig to find out whar to do about the problem. They acknowledged that other people have complained about the bug problem. They feel it is not worth investigating further because of the number of complaints compared to the number of units shipped. Nor did they offer any suggestion of how to get rid of them. If you google "Keurig infested", you will see a whole page of people with this problem.

Keurig did offer a discount on a new unit. But, we have lost confidence in the coffee maker and Keurig's customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keurig Coffee Maker.

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I’ve been battling roaches for two years in my apt. Pest Control been here many many times...

just today saw a roach crawl into space on top of my Keurig!!!!! I recently cleaned it too...

so now wondering if that’s been problem all along.... damn!!!


So relieved to see we aren’t the only ones!! My husband made a cup this morning & 3 small bugs were floating in his cup.

We opened it to find more inside...

I made coffee yesterday from the same machine I feel disgusted! We have thrown it out & probably going back to making coffee the old fashioned way.


Same problem here! The most expensive coffee pot ever....have spent so much money trying to get rid of them.

Finally figured out the problem and put it in the trash. Disgusting!

SAME HERE Keurig second (v2.0) !! Extremely relieved to know there's people out there that believe what the *** I'm saying!

No straight jacket needed! Its truly a sickening feeling. Not to leave out embarrassing ! The first time it happened I was excited showing my friend how fast my new Keurig was and trying to convince her she needed one (the second day after purchase), oh yeah real nice....

NOT! She still doesn't come visit :( AND NOW A SECOND TIME!

Just had similar issue! Found roach when was making a cup.

My machine is now in the freaking garbage. I just used it this morning, i use it everyday!


The where bugs in mine today I freaked out. I have no bugs anywhere else in my kitchen too


This is horrible! This morning I had ants or something crawling around the outside of my kuerig.

This has never happened before.

I’m definitely complaining and trashing this disgusting machine!!!! 9/3/18


Cockroaches have made my Keurig a home too. It's disgusting, and the model of the Keurig makes it impossible to get them out.

It's so difficult to take the whole thing apart to clean. I don't know what to do.


Bugs will be found in any coffee maker. For your Keurig, you should clean it as well as possible, des ale it, and turn it off after every use. The bugs don't like it if it isn't nice and cozy and warm.


Just found em in my second Keurig (v2.0). This particular one came directly from Keurig .

When I discovered the bugs in my first unit , I called the headquarters and asked about the problem, they would not admit any knowledge about roaches in their units, they did offer me a discount on a replacement, when I told them I had lost faith in their product, they then offered to send me a new replacement. I agreed and after iReceived the new unit , I inspected the box and outer body of the Keurig ( the rest is well secured with many screws so I assumed it was ok, several days later while I was cleaning my countertop, I unplugged the Keurig and placed it on my kitchen Island, several minute later I went to put the Keurig back on my counter and when I lifted it up a small bug, that was later identified as a German cockroach came running out of the Keurig from the bottom sealed panel. I have had Terminex come to the house and had a full inspection and they were unable to find any signs or evidence of any roaches.

If you have or are considering buying one of these please do some research as there is a lot of recent evidence from individuals like myself who are finding these bugs only in the vicinity of their Keurig I had a 12 Cup coffee maker for over 10 yrs and never saw a single bug come from it. Beware


I also have had 2 of my Keurigs become infested with roaches. Nowhere else in my home have they ever been seen EXCEPT in the Keurig. Never again

to Anonymous #1544086

I have had two kueregs. Both infested with cockroaches!

Never will purchase again.

Have mr coffees, one regular, one pod. No problem.


Hello, i just found out i am having same issue, i was so excited to brew myself a cup when i opened there were three tiny bugs in it, i realized that the roaches i think made my keurig their home. I tried to do the cleaning they advised me but i still smell the yucky scent of mold and bugs.

I am sure this is not even safe to use anymore.I work for a personal injury and also consuer rights, i wanna know if there is a way we can sue keurig for not informing us of this risk and also not providing a consumer safe design, it suddenly hit me that we can’t even clean the insides of our machines and also the water tubing inside.

(Ugh just thinking about it makes me sick), if anyone is willing to attest to this or add in a case let me know. I am si disgusted i feel like throwing up


I have never had any issues with my mr. Coffee machine.

Now i bought the keurig 2.0 that cost $150.00 and the coffee tast horrible. The other day i went to brew coffee and i noticed the water was brown, when i looked at the water it had roach legs in it!!!!

I almost passed out and i washed it out flush it with vinager put now am too grossed out to even drink from the machine. I have been living in my house for 6 years and never had any problems with roaches untill i purchased this machine.


I had this issue and as it was winter I carried the keurig right outside and then it went to the dump. I pulled out my old coffee maker and went back to making coffee by the pot the old fashioned way. I will never EVER buy another Keurig again!


They know exactly whay os causing it. The machine while plugged in emits a frequency that attracts roaches.

It is a simple fix. But they refuse to do anything about it. I have NEVER had roaches in my home. I am absolutely terrified of them.

We spray regularly.

We do get palmetto bugs because we are in the South. But that is an enviromental thing, not a cleanliness thing.


I have the small roach infestation in my Keurig that many others appear to have. I can't figure out how to get the water out of the hidden reservoir, and I do not want drink from the machine if these bugs are breeding & living inside.

I'm still looking for a solution, but as of now, it may be going into the recycling bin.


The first time I see a roach in or near my kitchen, my damn Keurig is going in the trash!! How dare the company play is off vs trying to help resolve this concern!!!


sounds like you need to have your house cleaned and bugs are attracted to all electronics. its a warm dark place and bugs like that. you might just need to call the exterminator

to Anonymous #1576865

Reply to Anonymous ( #1393391 from 11/18/17) Sounds like you need gain Knowledge... Hint: Google is free- or you might just need to call for special help Please note that your words are not useless breaths of air, they have meaning, as you see.

Too assume her/our house needs to be cleaned is the same as my words....

assuming you have low intelligence. But what brought you here is a great question?

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