Keurig K200 Coffee Maker Reviews

I contacted Keurig after I purchased a new brewer that was leaving a very strange taste no matter what coffee I used, or what water source I used. I tried filtered, non-filtered. I tried many different trouble shooting techniques such as letting the filter and water tanks air out, running a clean cycle, etc. I contacted them by email expecting a hassle and was extremely pleased with a very easy experience. They called me within 24 hours and...
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Bought Keurig coffee used 2 weeks pods began to swell up cleaned per instructions still would not work. Called the help line no help! Returned coffee maker to Walmart replaced with new Keurig 2 had for 1 month is doing the same thing. Cleaned per instructions didn't work again pods swell says under pressure. I'm using Keurig pods so either the pods are defective or the coffee maker. Has anyone else had this problem with this coffee maker if so...
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I didn't like
  • Redundant defects
  • Redundant defcects indefference to clients
  • Cheap design execution