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I hate the new Kurig Coffee maker... bought the new model and you can only use the Kurig K-Cups which are $17.99 for 24 compared to getting 40 at Sam's club for $19.00.

Kurig designed their new brewer's to only accept their brands. There is a YouTube video that shows you how to bypass the way the Kurig reads the K-Cup, it works but why should the consumer have to do this after purchasing such an expensive machine? I think Kurig is greedy... I understand that this is a business and a highly competitive one but you don't see other coffee makers needing an exclusive brand to use their coffee makers.

Either sell more coffee makers or sell the coffee... Kurig needs to make a choice before the word really gets out and the consumer makes an alternative choice when it's time to replace their old Kurig model. Chances are that people who never had a Kurig will never purchase one, and now for sure they won't purchase one. I'm returning my new one and, too sad because I loved my Kurig...

well I guess all good things come to an end, and so will Kurig's business... not a good move on their part...

temporarily they will cash-in, but in the long run they their sales of new Kurig coffee machines will drop tremendously. I am a marketing and branding person, not a good move Kurig.

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Yeah I couldn't believe it when my dad bought one and I tried to bring over my discount kcups that I use with my own machine, and it wouldn't accept them. He then showed me how to juryrig the printed label over the lids.

Seriously. Keurig.

to Anonymous #986563

What comes to mind reading about the failure to accept "after market components" is the Magneson-Moss Act, also known as the Lemon Law. A manufacturer cannot stop the use of components if they meet the safe requirements for the use of the product. Give it time, a Class Action attorney will get hold of this and there will be a fix.


Just FYI -- those K-cups are not recyclable; it even says so right on Keurig's website. Even the inventor of this product, John Sylvan, regrets creating these god-awful things because of what it's doing to the environment.

Enjoy your coffee, though.

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