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I am on the second unit and the clock still runs 5-6 minutes fast per day. Others on other forums are on their 4th or 5th return for the same issue. The Keurig customer servcice rep said that my clock issue was very rare. I told him to stop letting Keurig blow smoke up his...

The water pump labors and squeeks loudly, not like smooth running pump units of the past (they cheaped it!). When pump is running it emits RF interference evidence of cheap circuitry that makes the radio, even if on a different wall socket impossible to hear while coffee is brewing. The unit is huge for what it does, my wife hates it. It is less of an issue for me, but it is still not very elegant. It is dominant on the counter.

The K-cup lockout is of no issue since I figured a workaround (engineers can defeat engineers and surely dumbarsed marketing types and lawyers...). You think they'd have learned from Sony and the Beta max debacle and Blackberries' closed app system which let everyone else with open sourcing eat their lunch. These are idiots at Keurig who have only succeeded in pizzing folks like me off. Will I buy a Keurig again? NO EFFIN' WAY! There are many other better units out there. I may even go back to my many years old Cuisinart and use the Keurig for entertaining where folks might want their own brew of choice. They'll gush over it and then I'll tell them the story...

I can't use it to auto brew in the morning without resetting everyday. Six minutes early (at least it's not late!) on first day, then 12, then 18, then 10 days later an hour fast so the coffee in the cup is stone cold. Yeah I could use the carafe. But you get the point.

I do not feel like wasting more time with these people. The routine: Call them up, punch up menu, explain issue, give S/N, wait for new unit, yank K-cup holder out to disable older unit and then mail it back on my dime. Repeat.

Having worked in corporate, I can almost guarantee this unit was built under mandate by the beancounters and the profiteers and protested by the engineers who should damned well know better! This company is obviously not in it for the long haul. They sure aren't hauling me! KEURIG K-KUP KRAP!

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "unit that works out of the box without having to get a 3rd one!" as the author lost $150. This person is overall dissatisfied with Keurig and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about keurig coffeemaker at Keurig was defects in unit, redundant defects and cheap design execution Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I agree with the comments about cheap engineering. The RF interference on my Keurig 2.0 persists whether it is brewing or not.

Probably won't bother most people since AM radio isn't as popular these days but I have to unplug my unit in order to hear the radio, A sign of a cheap unfiltered power supply for sure.


My Keurig 2.0 is just under 18 mos. old.

I routinely descale it, w Kuerigs hi priced product, use the water filter, and do routine maintenance.After first 6months it stopped brewing anywhere near a full cup. We moved,I didn't have the original box.Could not return it. Got online, was given info on how to solve issue. Worked for a few months.

It takes 7 minutes to brew a "cup" of coffee..which is actually about 3 ounces!

The pump system gurgles and gasps, is as loud as can be. Why the Heck am I keeping this aggravating appliance?


On 3rd 2.0 due to clock running fast. Customer service rep informed that it's a know issue they are trying to resolve.

Completion date unknown. I informed rep that Keurig should stop selling a defective product. I purchased mine at Sam's and informed their corporate office about clock issue.

They're going to verify with Keurig. Sam's manager said they would pull product from the shelves until issue resolved.

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